The Three A’s Of Competitive Intelligence – Analysis

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Interactive Data Visualization using D3.js, DC.js, Nodejs and MongoDB

Anmol Koul

Hello All,
The aim behind this blog post is to introduce open source business intelligence technologies and explore data using open source technologies like D3.js, DC.js, Nodejs and MongoDB.
Over the span of this post we will see the importance of the various components that we are using and we will do some code based customization as well.

The Need for Visualization:

Visualization is the so called front-end of modern business intelligence systems. I have been around in quite a few big data architecture discussions and to my surprise i found that most of the discussions are focused on the backend components: the repository, the ingestion framework, the data mart, the ETL engine, the data pipelines and then some visualization.

I might be biased in favor of the visualization technologies as i have been working on them for a long time. Needless to say visualization is as important as any other component…

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Announcing The World’s First Automated Early Stage Investing Platform

Telefónica Open Future_ (TOF_) and BigML are partnering to build the World’s First Automated Early Stage Investing Platform to help usher a new way of technology investing. To make this a reality, the alliance will take advantage of PAPIs conference events series as they offer the best platform to introduce new predictive applications to the world:
• In all future PAPIs CONNECT events as well as the annual PAPIs conference, there will be a new startup battle section devoted to best startups actively working on state-of-the-art predictive apps.
• Both the invited startups as well as the eventual winner will be automatically selected by TOF_and BigML’s new algorithm. The winning startup will be offered an investment by one the TOF_ funds thereby making PAPIs the world’s first event where an algorithm automatically selects the contestants and the winner.

“The race is on to invent the ultimate learning algorithm: one capable of discovering any knowledge from data, and doing anything we want, before we even ask.” – Professor Pedro Domingos of University of Washington

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Not a day goes by without an important figure from the technology world acknowledging the immense potential of large-scale machine learning applications in virtually every industry. The award-winning researcher and scientist Professor Pedro Domingos of University of Washington recently mentioned “Algorithms increasingly run our lives. They find books, movies, jobs, and dates for us, manage our investments, and discover new drugs.” He then went on to add “The race is on to invent the ultimate learning algorithm: one capable of discovering any knowledge from data, and doing anything we want, before we even ask.”

Machine learning’s impending impact on jobs that so far were considered exclusive to highly skilled humans will likely remain a controversial yet unavoidable topic for the foreseeable future. Take for example Early Stage Startup Investing. Silicon Valley venture capitalists have had a big hand in funding startups that are strategically leveraging machine learning to…

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This is Your Brain on CI – Part 1 of 3

Proactive Intelligence

July 7, 2015

When you are doing competitive intelligence (CI), you are relying on your intelligence to drive your research and analysis. But your brain, like any other part of your body, needs proper care and conditioning. What follows here and in the next 2 parts are a few notes on what works for me – and for others as well. Your suggestions and comments are, of course, very welcome.

First, let me deal with relaxing your mind.

Look at the things that you do to relax, such as reading and games. I’m a great believer that you should continually change these things. By that, I mean changing the “subject matter” of the material you are reading (or the games that you are playing) for something that’s new and different.

With respect to reading, my practice is to change magazine subscriptions on a regular basis. So I stop reading the Economist when…

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Google Cloud + BigML = Easier Machine Learning!

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Attention Google power users: We have made a number of improvements to make BigML more compatible with Google services for your convenience.  Google Cloud is becoming the fastest growing cloud provider.  As such, we have been receiving requests from users all over the world, so we finally got our clue.

For starters, in addition to Amazon and GitHub, you can now login to BigML with your Google ID. Click on the Google option under the Login button and you will be authenticating right in to start with your machine learning project.

Login Google

Since our aim is to make it super easy to upload your data to BigML regardless of your cloud provider, we have added both Google Drive and Google Storage support as well. Similar to our integrations with Azure Marketplace and Dropbox, connecting to your cloud storage only takes few clicks starting from the cloud icon located on the Sources tab.

Google Drive I


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BigML Opening New Lab in Valencia to Harness Innovation and Drive European Expansion

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We are very happy to announce that BigML will be establishing its European Headquarters in Valencia, Spain. BigML had a strong European connection since its early days thanks to the founding team members’ origins in the continent (e.g., our co-founder and CEO Francisco J. Martin grew up in Valencia and got his 5-year degree in Computer Science from Universitat Politècnica de València and half of our team has been working from Valencia or Barcelona). As such, some of the most respected minds in Artificial Intelligence from Spain have been playing a big part in growing the business and making BigML a leader in today’s fast-growing Machine Learning landscape.  In furthering our cause we intend to hire up to 15 engineers in the remainder of this year and to strength the ties between Valencia and Corvallis, Oregon.

Valencia, Spain

Part of the decision to select Valencia was indeed driven by the fact that BigML already…

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