Mendeley Research Maps

Marco Rossetti

With this first post I’m going to introduce Mendeley Research Maps. At Mendeley we have monthly hackdays when we can experiment with new technologies, work on side projects or simply learn something new and have fun. During one of my first hackdays I started to work at a two dimensional visualisation of research interests, inspired by an idea suggested to me by a good friend and future colleague, Davide Magatti. The first hack produced the following visualisation:

First draft of the Discipline Map First draft of the Discipline Map

In this picture disciplines are arranged on the map based on how related they are: medicine is very broad and close to many other disciplines, such as biology and psychology. In the opposite corner computer science is close to engineering and economics. From this first draft I started to build a web application for Mendeley users, using the Mendeley Python SDK for querying the Mendeley API, Flask as a web framework, CherryPy

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