Marketing automation needs to become more adaptable

The Context Of Things

I work in marketing and am generally of the strong belief that it needs to evolve as a field — there’s still way too many people in the industry and running departments who think in the old-school way (ad buys, “power branding,” all that) and not enough people yet who think in a newer-school way (better content, targeted e-mails, A/B testing, embracing social and analytics). Sometimes I think the old school’s trying to hang on ’till retirement, and the new school knows how to grab power — when you have analytics, you know what people are doing on a site, and when you know what people are doing, you can optimize for them — but they keep getting squashed because of the ol’ fear of incompetence at the top.

One of the scourges of this whole process is “marketing automation.” If you hear that term and you’re a busy (or…

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