Using Postman REST Client with Mendeley.

Mendeley API Blog

Chrome has a fantastic array of apps that you can use to help you with your development and one such app is called Postman. This is a free tool that allows you to quickly test out REST APIs and store a collection of requests so that you can build up little workflows of API calls.

I thought I would show you how you could use it with the Mendeley API. I’m using the (Packaged App) version for this post.

Before you proceed with this demo you will need to register for an API key on the Mendeley developer portal.   You will need to set the ‘redirect_url’ to 

Once you have this installed then on the landing page you will see some headings and among those headings is OAuth 2.0 


Click on the OAuth 2.0 tab on the top and you will see a screen like above…

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