PDF extraction gets a boost with our new API service

Mendeley API Blog

Core functionality for any reference management software is the ability to create a citable record from a research paper added to a user’s library.

Since its inception, the Mendeley Desktop application has been able to automatically extract from PDFs the metadata needed to create these citable records: author, title, year and publication details, and we’ve augmented this with data from external, open resources such as CrossRef [This paper describes how MD works in more detail.]

For a number of years, this approach has served us well. In fact, in a recent review of PDF metadata extraction tools, Mendeley Desktop was ranked 2nd out of the 7 freely available tools evaluated.

Our existing system was about 75-80% accurate for author and title extraction, and we wanted to improve on this. Also, our existing system was built into Mendeley Desktop, and we wanted to make PDF extraction available as a…

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