Advancing Machine Learning integration with Apple ResearchKit and HealthKit

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At BigML we are excited to announce BigMLKit, a new open source framework for iOS and OS X that blends the power of BigML’s best-in-class Machine Learning platform with the ease and immediacy of Apple technologies.


BigMLKit brings the capability of “one-click-to-predict” to iOS and OS X developers in that it makes it really easy to interact with BigML’s REST API though a higher-level view of a “task.” A task is, in its most basic version, a sequence of steps that is carried out through BigML’s API. Each step has traditionally required a certain amount of work such as preparing the data, launching the remote operation, waiting for it to complete, collecting the right data to prepare the  next step and so on. BigMLKit takes care of all of this “glue logic” for you in a streamlined manner, while also providing an abstracted way to interact with BigML and build complex tasks on top of our platform.


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